Top Social Media Marketing Ideas for Interior Designers

Social media are tools that help small business owners attract potential customers, release information or promotions, engage with existing customers, and market your company. A great number of your potential customers (about 50%) will first search for a product on social media before they buy it.

Around 90% of the American youth uses social media, leaving no reason why you should neglect it. Not all sites are created equal. To be effective, you want to choose the right site for your business. You want to master those specifics instead of trying to do a little bit on every site. That is both time-consuming and ineffective.

If you want to promote your interior design business, you should select the sites that would be beneficial. As a chief executive officer of a company that partners with many interior designers, I can provide you the tips that will make your business the most successful. Let’s look at these tips that I recommend.

  1. Target sites with pictures — Interior designers make their business by showing people what their designs look like. You can’t do this if you don’t use pictures or video. Pinterest is the best site for interior designers to connect with potential clients. You can use images to show the quality of your work, style and flavor without saying a word. Use Pinterest to showcase your best work, new ideas and decorating tips/tricks. Instagram offers interior designers the ability to connect with prospective clients on a personal level. You can post recent projects and trends to pictures from your personal life (cute dogs! amazing vacations!). Consumers are flocking to these posts. These posts on Instagram show the customers your style but also your personality and home life. So many people want to connect with their interior designer before hiring. If you have similar tastes, you can connect with your potential customers.
  2. Share your videos — YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. If you are not utilizing it, you are missing a golden opportunity. You can show off a room you designed in real time. You also can post video of home decorating tips or ways to use color in a room. YouTube allows your clients to get to know what you can do as an designer. You will be successful if you offer advice, tips/ideas,and show off projects completed. You also can be clever and use a reality show formatto engage with consumers. This will take them behind the scenes in interior design. You are destined to get viewers to your site. As a practical basis, you’ll want to show the before and after pictures of a room.
  3. Get on Facebook — I have noticed that interior designers are targeting mostly consumers instead of other businesses. On Facebook, you can find the groups who have discretionary income, need to renovate their residence or income-generating properties and are in a certain age group. This will help you market to the right people. Besides the right marketing, you can post your videos and pictures on Facebook too. In fact, you’ll want to add a link to your YouTube channel, Pinterest and Instagram sites.
  4. Hold contests — When you have added your social media sites, you will want to hold contests to attract customers. You can give away money toward a project of their choice or you can offer a free room redo if they meet certain criteria. People love contests. Say you provide plants as part of your interior design, you could give away a plant for an indoor or outdoor space that would complement the design you envision.
  5. Create visual ads — Social media ads are effective for many industries. You would want to make sure your ads are visually appealing. You also want to ensure you advertise on the right site for the most effective return on your investment. Again, Facebook is a good resource for this tool.

“When I have used these strategies, I noticed an increase in traffic to my site. I then turned these visitors into customers,” said the CEO. “You need to master social media marketing if you are to increase your sales.”

Statistics show that social media and an Internet presence can increase your business. Look at these numbers:

  • 61 percent of users learn about products and service online
  • 44 percent of customers start with a search engine to find what they want. If they search interior design, you want to be found.
  • 12 billion are the number of searches every month in the United States

When you embrace social media, you are more likely to reach the people you want who will request your services.

A guest post by – an Brisbane-based home and commercial space improvement company managed by Olaf and Deborah Bauer. They produce top quality privacy screens and outdoor decorative screens both for residential and commercial use.



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